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This is not meant for JYJ or TVXQ only stans. I respect you guys. This is for those that think JYJ ”doesn’t deserve” to celebrate Dong Bang Shin Ki's 10th Anniversary.

I have just one more thing to say:  Please remove the sticks you shoved up your asses  and stop being so butthurt. Ignorant bitches.

They are forever five to me and a lot of other fans. Nothing will change that.

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presenting the Rising Gods of the East

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Park Yoochun for Singles Magazine (July 2014)

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A Cassie goes back to the memorable places where DBSK took their photos for their “Boujour Paris” photobook.

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cr: waiting for the Cassie that took this pictures to come forward.


Cassiopeia’s reminder: ”Love After Love” and “Love Bye Love” are different songs.
"I Don’t Know", "I Know", "I Think U Know" are also different songs!!!
Also “Rainbow” (japanese), “Rainbow” (korean) are quite DIFFERENT songs.
"Crazy", "Crazy Life" and "Crazy Love"…

Changmin as Momoko (。◕‿◕。✿)

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why can’t periods just last for like an hour, like okay you’ve made your point, I’m not pregnant you can leave now

Yoohwan only one of the victims of Kim Jaejoong, the thief.

  • Jaejoong : Yoochun’s brother is Yoohwan, I personally did something to him that made me feel really bad.
  • Heechul : Really?
  • Jaejoong : Yoochun said that his brother will be coming back from US. He bought a belt and shirt, and prepared many things for him.
  • Yoochun : I’ve already bought them and put them properly.
  • Jaejoong : It was really nice! The belt, I really wanted the belt badly! What can I do? Should I tell him? But Yoochun and I have an agreement, that is, “My things are yours, and your things are mine.”
  • Yoochun : Ah, yeap. Me and Jaejoong are always like that
  • Jaejoong : So, even until now, it’s okay for us to use each other’s things. So I was thinking that since we have that agreement, it should be okay if I use the belt for a while, isn’t it? But after all, that was a new thing, and I felt pretty sorry, but I used it first in the end. But when i out it on, I found out that it was too big.
  • Yoochun : Yeap, yeap.
  • Jaejoong : The belt was too big! My waist’s a lil thin.
  • Yoochun : Yeap, it’s big even for me.
  • Jaejoong : I think everyone should know by now.
  • Heechul : Ah, you’re talking about this now…
  • Jaejoong : Ah, no, but this is really a big problem for me… (His small waist)
  • Heechul : Ah, I know..
  • Yoochun : Hahaha~~~
  • Heechul : Seriously..
  • Jaejoong : I need at least four more holes on that belt.
  • Yoochun : Till that many holes?
  • Jaejoong : Yea, at least four more. So what should I do? I took a scissors that we use at home.
  • Heechul : WOW!
  • Yoochun : Really?
  • Jaejoong : And did something to the end of the belt…
  • Yoochun : HAHAHHA~~~
  • Heechul : Yoochun-gun, it’s a live show, you should control your laughter. It’s on air now.
  • Jaejoong : Ah, no, it wasn’t the end part of the belt, but the middle part of it, I used the scissors to poke it hardly, in the end, I made a huge hole on the belt.
  • Yoochun : AH!
  • Jaejoong : But..But since the hole was too big, it couldn’t hold the belt tightly. So.. one more time…
  • Yoochun/ Heechul: HAHAHAH~~
  • Jaejoong : Another time, this time, I used the kitchen’s knife, KA-CHA, and made another hole…
  • Yoochun : When did you do that?
  • Jaejoong : When I was done, I put the belt on, and Yoochun found out about it. (Immitating Yocohun) “AH, hyung! This belt, you wore it??”
  • “Ah, sorry! Yoochun-ah, after all, my things are yours, and your things are mine right!” And after I said that, Yoochun said, “Hyung, this is for Yoohwan who’s coming back from Korea…” When I heard that, there’s no way for me to tell him about the holes I made…
  • Yoochun : HAHHAA~~~ I didn’t know about the hole issue until now.
  • Jaejoong : About the two holes, I really planned to give a note to him. Or maybe give him money straight away, or buy a new one for him.
  • Heechul : HHAHAHAH! You weren’t thinking of the letter, but the money instead~~~
  • Jaejoong : What should I do? I really feel so sorry. Have you given the belt to Yoohwan?
  • Yoochun : Yeap, I gave him.
  • Jaejoong : Yoohwan-ah, sorry. Sorry that you’ll feel embarrassed if your foreign friends see it. Next time, me, hyung… next time when you’re here in Korea again, hyung will definitely buy something better for you. Sorry~~~
  • Yoochun : HAHAHHA~~~

junsu’s weakness of being ugly 

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