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friendly reminder: the “WE ARE T” thing is not a HoMin thing. DB5K used to do "WE ARE T" long time ago

  • Q: Who is more handsome JJ or YC?
  • Junsu: It’s hard to choose because they smell differently.
  • Me : O_o


➮Changmin: I have a dog in my house, but it doesn’t listen to me. Everybody here isn’t even part of my family, so thank you for listening to me.

[YxCxY_0212 + Jap-Kor by tvxqyoonmin]

➮Yunho: (boldly) Changmin is pretty cute today.
Changmin: … My… visual image… Please do not evaluate it in…



●Breeding Poison

●Shinjiru Mama

●I Love U

●Wedding Dress

●Hide & Seek

●Changmin Solo-Over



The only reason i enjoy going to bed is so i can make stories up in my head which makes my brain think it’s actually real


No matter how far we’re separated, we’ll come back together one day.


Code-V members once compared themselves to TVXQ and pretty much told that they could be even better than they. Today they went to TVXQ concert as their fanboys not as their idols…  The world turns and always back to the same place.

Who is the most kind of the members and why?

  • Yunho: Junsu, because he can create a cheerful atmosphere no matter when.
  • Junsu: Jaejoong, because he has great sympathy/empathy.
  • Yoochun: Yunho, because as the leader, he has to keep everything together
  • Jaejoong: Changmin, because he's the youngest, so he's the most obedient no matter what I tell him (laughs)
  • Changmin: Yoochun, because he always eats supper with me.
Love? What is it? Anonymous


love is when you make a shitty blog dedicated to a stupid boy who doesn’t even know you exist and spend all your time on it and waste your life away again for this stupid boy who doesn’t know you exist 


DBSK’s evolution 3/?

Before his audition, Jaejoong worked and practiced A LOT because he was tone deaf and would not be able to be a singer if he didn’t practice extensively. His friends mocked him for not being able to sing well and yet he worked hard his singing and joined a rock band, even though he had not much free time because he had to study and work (even though it was quite young, he lived alone and needed to be sustained by himself). You can tell he does not dominate his voice very well in the first part of the audio, but you need to remember that at that time (this is the audio of his audition) he had not had singing lessons and no one to guide him. Still, he does a good job due to his extensive practice and his dream of being a singer. Of course, working so hard to be a singer gave him all his skills (he’s basically able to sing in all genres by having a soft voice and have an amazing voice domain), but it is also obvious that he was born to sing.

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